[Free of charge event] Quantum Technology Seminar in Tokyo by Danish Embassy - デンマーク大使館 量子技術セミナー in 東京 -


Please check the latest program from the below link. If you need the paper based program, please print it out by yourself.



1. Please bring your business cards and ID. Danish Embassy requires to submit two business cards at the reception.

2. We will give it to GUEST ID at the reception. Please return it to the reception before leaving the venue.

3. The recording the audio and video are prohibited during the seminar.

4. Danish Embassy doesn't prepare for your lunch. Please go out for lunch at restaurant around DNP building.

5. It's prohibited to eat and drink at the venue. Only the bottle of water is allowed to drink. One bottle is ready for each participant.

6. The reception will open from 9:30 am. Please DO NOT come to earlier that time.

7. Do not walk around at DNP building except the seminar room.

Thank you for your cooperation in advance. We are looking forward to meeting you at the seminar!


The additional free tickets are released on 6 April. Please register ASAP before sold-out!



- Invitation to the world of Quantum technology - (*日本語は英語の後に続いて記載)

Language: English only

Seminar program: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0BxVH99fXnFEeTDVLRk5WdFQ1TGVkZ19yOWJQVGdmZDQyNTVV/view

Today, technical challenges and social issues cannot be solved by only one country. Technologies such as next processing, data analysis and cyber security are gaining strong attention among both academia and industries. Japan and Denmark have a long research collaboration history within quantum technology since Yoshio Nishina (Former president of RIKEN) studied at Niels Bohr Institute in Denmark in 1927 and invited Niels Bohr (Nobel Prize Physicist) to RIKEN in 1937. “Quantum Technology” is chosen as a research seminar topic this year because it’s an area in which international research collaboration is essential.Carlos Moedas, the Commissioner of Research, Science and Innovation of the European Commission, and Yoshimasa Hayashi, the Minister of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, Japan agreed in January 2018 to strengthen cooperation between EU and Japan within this area.

The speakers are Jan W. Thomsen (The head of Niels Bohr Institute), Eugene Simon Polzik (Center for Quantum Optics (QUANTOP)), Charlie Marcus (Centre for Quantum Devices and Station Q Copenhagen) from Denmark and top class researchers from Japanese academia and industries who have been globally leading this research field. We will have a networking event after the seminar. We hope this seminar is inspirational and provides a great match-making environment for talents and key persons from various fields to create new relationships for the start of new projects and for the acceleration of technical development of both countries. We look very much forward to your participation!

Note: This is the free of charge event but the registration MUST be required. We refuse the participation in case of no registration.Please bring two business cards at reception and your ID (e.g. student ID, company ID, insurance card,driver's licence or passport).

- 量子技術の世界へようこそ-


昨今の技術開発や社会問題は、一国では解決することが難しくなっています。次世代の計算処理、データ解析、サイバーセキュリティなどは、注目されている技術の一つであり、長い間学術界、産業界でフォーカスされてきました。1927年に理化学研究所 元所長の仁科芳雄がデンマークのニールスボーア研究所で学び、1937年にニールスボーアが仁科に招待され理化学研究所に来日して以来、日本とデンマークの量子技術研究協力は長い歴史があります。デンマーク大使館は今年の科学技術セミナーのテーマとして「量子技術」を選びました。なぜなら、国際的な研究協力が必要な分野だからです。それを示すように、今年の1月にEU Research, Science and Innovationのコミッショナー、Carlos Moedasと日本の林芳正文部科学大臣が量子技術の分野でEUと日本の間で更なる協力関係を強化することに同意しました。

デンマークからは、ニールスボーア研究所 所長Jan W. Thomsen Quantum Optics (QUANTOP)センター長:Eugene Simon PolzikQuantum Devices and Station Q Copenhagenセンター長:Charlie Marcus、日本からは量子分野で世界でご活躍され研究をリードされているトップクラスの先生方や企業の研究者の方々がご登壇されます。セミナーの後は、ネットワークイベントを予定しております。このセミナーやイベントを通じ、様々な業界の方やキーパーソンが集い、現在の業務に新たなインスピレーションを与え、両国の友好関係が更に進み、新しいプロジェクトや研究環境が生まれることを願います。皆様のご参加お待ちしております!


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Thu Apr 12, 2018
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